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Authentic Mexican Gastronomy
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Authentic Mexican Restaurant in Washington, DC

Indulge in the rich and flavorful cuisine of Mexico at Cinco Soles, a high-end Mexican restaurant in Washington, DC. Our menu is a celebration of authentic Mexican food, offering a diverse range of dishes that showcase the country's distinct regional flavors. We take pride in crafting each dish with traditional ingredients and techniques, resulting in a culinary experience that transports you straight to Mexico. From our flavorful and authentic tacos to our fresh ceviche, every bite is a tribute to the country's vibrant food culture.

At Cinco Soles, we go beyond just the food to provide a truly immersive dining experience. Our special taqueria and raw bar experiences allow you to savor the freshest seafood and meats in creative and unique ways. Pair your meal with one of our specialty drinks, such as our refreshing margaritas or our bold tequila cocktails. Whether you're looking to enjoy a romantic evening out or celebrate a special occasion with friends, our upscale ambiance and attentive service will make your visit a memorable one. Come dine with us at Cinco Soles and experience the best of Mexican cuisine right here in Washington, DC.